Hi and thanks for stopping by – I’m Carmel

Online business Integrator & VA Mentor

I’ve been in the VA / online industry for over 13 years and have made incredible changes to my life as a result. I have impacted many businesses during this time allowing my clients to create their desired lifestyle and focus on their business growth. I built my own online business from scratch and now I have an ideal working environment where I can work from wherever I choose, whether that be my home office or a location around the world.

I’m the owner and leader behind the business that is Carmel David, offering Online Business Management & Project Management services to business owners around the globe. I work with many different types of businesses from start-ups to multi 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs. I am proud to say, that I still work with some of the same businesses who supported me from day one.

I’m also a Virtual Assistant Business Mentor and the creator of the VA Pathfinder and the Build your VA Business in a month programme. I love to inspire and support others to build and grow their own online business just like I have.

If you are a business owners looking to review your systems, to scale your business, to grow your team? or maybe you want to set up your own VA Business – book in a chat below with me and I would be delighted support you on either journey

How WE can help YOU…


In one month you will:

✔ Learn how to create a flexible VA business that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

✔ Learn the right way to serve your clients; with integrity, with skill and with proven systems.

✔ Become a thriving business owner, building a business of your very own.

✔ Get expert support and guidance from a pro with over 13 years of experience in the VA world.

Start Up Package

This service is best suited to business owners who are pre 6 figures looking for Virtual Assistant support. Businesses at this stage are generally looking for help with specific projects, such as customer service support, diary & email management, invoicing etc.

Scale Up Package

This service is best suited to business owners who are low to mid 6 figures looking to scale up. You have a steady, proven income streams mapped out & its now time to focus on growth. This is the right time to invest on an Online Business Manager (OBM) to manage the day to day running of & streamlining of your business.

Check up Package

This service is for business owners who are not in a position to commit to ongoing retainer packages or for those who want to “test the water” or pick the brains of an OBM. You know you need help but you are not quite sure where to start. You have some systems in place but could they be better

Team Up Package

Best suited to business owners who already have a virtual support team managing the day to day running of the business BUT you are not able to manage or oversee your team on your own efficiently. An OBM can take over the management of your team so you only have one person overseeing and reporting to you rather than multiple.

What others are saying …

Carmel started with me 5 years ago, as my VA and later moved to be my Online Business Manager and Project Manager.

I’ve run teams for years, working with many different support roles, and Carmel is one of the best. Her skills are phenomenal, but more than that her values shine out – and it’s these that entrepreneurs like me need. Loyalty, integrity and dedication – all of which she will help you to create for yourself. If I need to hire a VA in the future, I will want to hire a Carmel David trained VA. So if you want to learn from the best, take this program. You won’t regret it

Gemma Went

Carmel is one of the best OBM/VA I have ever come across. She has worked with the best in the coaching business mentor space to grow their business. She is someone that others say I need a “Carmel David” like its a job role.

She is now teaching all she knows to help VAs build a VA business for themselves and benefit from her experience.

John Cusick