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Your Business, But Better

Hi and thanks for stopping by – I’m Carmel

An Online Business Manager. (OBM)

An OBM is a person that supports you as you grow and scale your business.

I’ve been helping entrepreneurial types get exactly what they want from their work for years. It’s a partnership in the truest sense, which involves YOU stepping back into your zone and ME setting up winning systems and helping you bring your pipe-dream projects to life.

I am here to help keep your amazing creative juices flowing by structuring your time, your way and taking care of the day-to-day items which suck your attention and energy. In other words, I’m here to make sure you get sh*t done.

Find out more about how we help you to grow your business and give you back your time


If you want to stop feeling in constant catch-up mode, it might just be time to make space on your team for an Online Business Manager.

I genuinely believe, when driven, someone can be successful –

But we all need a helping hand to make it happen.

How WE can help YOU

Start Up Package

This service is best suited to business owners who are pre 6 figures looking for Virtual Assistant support. Businesses at this stage are generally looking for help with specific projects, such as customer service support, diary & email management, invoicing etc.

Scale Up Package

This service is best suited to business owners who are low to mid 6 figures looking to scale up. You have a steady, proven income streams mapped out & its now time to focus on growth. This is the right time to invest on an Online Business Manager (OBM) to manage the day to day running of & streamlining of your business.

Team Up Package

Best suited to business owners who already have a virtual support team managing the day to day running of the business BUT you are not able to manage or oversee your team on your own efficiently. An OBM can take over the management of your team so you only have one person overseeing and reporting to you rather than multiple.

Check up Package

This service is for business owners who are not in a position to commit to ongoing retainer packages or for those who want to “test the water” or pick the brains of an OBM. You know you need help but you are not quite sure where to start. You have some systems in place but could they be better