Inbox Detox

This is one of our most popular services – WHY?

When clients get in touch with me, their number ONE frustration is always their INBOX. From dreading going into it, to feeling overwhelmed and distracted by it, this will divert your attention from what’s important if you don’t take charge and do something about it.

If you feel overwhelmed, my INBOX DETOX service is perfect for you.

First let me point out, Inbox Detox is not just about deleting old emails, if it were you’d have selected all your emails and hit the delete button a long time ago. It’s about creating a simple organised system which is manageable for even the least techy person.

I love creating structure out of chaos, it is one of my many superpowers & I will guarantee to create magic in your email inbox.

Whats included in this Service?

  • Removal of all unwanted subscriptions/spam & obvious unnecessary emails.
  • Setting up subfolders for subscriptions that are necessary to you and your business or if preferred, forwarding them to a separate email address so they don’t appear in your inbox.
  • Set up filters to point emails to the correct sub-folders as soon as they arrive in your inbox.
  • Set up active and resting client folders, so you will never miss a client email again.
  • Set up colour coded labels, so you know at a glance why type of email it is.
  • Archiving all old emails.
  • My tried and tested guide to managing your emails going forward & achieving INBOX ZERO daily/weekly, leaving you organised and in control of your inbox.

What are the benefits?

  • You work smarter: Get more done in less time with a better system.
  • With my system you’ll spend less time searching for emails as I’ll have created a filing system that works for you. I will show you how to organise and prioritise your inbox so you can deal with what you want, when you want.
  • Less Stress: Detox your inbox and clear your mind.
  • An overflowing inbox can cause stress, overwhelm and panic. Once you detox your inbox the weight will lift off your shoulders and you can develop better habits going forward.
  • Stay on top: No more missed opportunities or failed communication
  • Missed emails or forgotten follow ups will be a thing of the past when you have a clean, organised inbox to work from.

Cost per inbox?
System set up and organisation/cleanup of the first 1,000 emails – €125.00
for each additional 1,000 emails – €50.00 (Prices are excluding VAT)

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