Scale Up Package

This package is for Solopreneurs, One Wo(man) bands / show whatever the hell you want to call it.

YOU are tired of doing it all yourself and YOU are now ready to grow your business & team because lets face it we can’t be everything to everyone.

For business owners & entrepreneurs at this stage of your business, implementing systems , streamlining your processes and delegating is the secret sauce to amplifying your business, smashing your goals & spending time in your Zone of Excellence.

Now I’m sure you didn’t start out this business to be working around the clock?!?

I thought not

So, now that you are with me on that one and I’ve got your attention, lets break it down.  

Having us join your team & showering you in our zone of excellence

You won’t have need for:

  • Doing ALL . OF . THE tasks in your business & wearing ALL . THE.  HATS
  • Micro managing your team (if you have one).
  • A brain full of ideas that will never see the light of day, because NOW you will be able to action them & bring them to life, as you will have more time.
  • Missed appointments, unanswered emails, overdue invoices, proposals not followed up or even worse,  not sent out as promised.
  • Feeling overwhelmed as your brain is running a million and one things around …. because in your mind “ONLY YOU can do this”

Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret, trying to be superwoman, is hard work alone, you can be superwoman when you have a super team behind you.

Reinventing the wheel every single time you do a task because you have no clear system in place is driving you insane (it’s driving me insane just thinking about it) not to mention the time that’s wasted each day.

I have the answer to this:

It’s time to start automating and delegating the repeatable tasks in your online business that are necessary to maintain consistent growth, without you having to manage them all on your own.


You need a team to set up systems and help you with the day-to-day activities so you can remain super focused on the tasks only YOU can do for your business.

These are what Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap calls your Zone of Excellence (I highly recommend your read it)

When you’re growing fast, you need a team who you can trust, who’s got the expertise & who is playing in their Zone of Excellence (that’s us in case you had to think about that one)

You need someone who’s got your back & helps you out with the heavy lifting so you don’t have to do it all. Remember we are business owners too and we know what its like to have someone else look after “our baby” I get it and I get you.

Clients who commit to our growth package usually come in with one or a few of these issues:

They need help with 

  • Creating systems for well-established tasks in your business that are ready to be delegated.
  • Staying on top of client projects and offering a first class service to your clients.
  • Building out a robust and manageable launch plan.
  • Keeping on top of their finances, tracking the figure’s weekly / monthly.
  • Building out Standard Operating Procedures for their businesses.
  • Someone else to take on the vetting and hiring of their growing team!
  • Launch planning & management & all the moving pieces.


All of the above help comes in the form of an Online Business Manager, someone who is your right arm, who manages you, manages your team, manages the moving pieces of your business and sets up solid foundations allowing your team to expand as your business grows & freeing up your time to allow you to do the work you love.  

If this is something you dream of, well then my lovely, dream no more and make it reality.

Our support packages start at 20 hours per month. 

For more information or to book our services, please email to check on our availability. 

Please note we only work with a select few clients per year and currently hold a waitlist.