Do you want to ditch all distractions, and move forward with focus so that you can create your business vision with ease?

Book a no-strings call to see if I’m the Director of Operations for you!


Do you want to ditch all distractions, and move forward with focus so that you can create your business vision with ease?

Book a no-strings call to see if I’m the Director of Operations for you!

Things feel broken and clunky at the moment, am I right?

I’m guessing that’s why you’re here. You’re craving that pipedream of an extra successful business that feels easy to run, but all you can see around you is an endless to-do list, the responsibility of managing EVERYTHING and no clear steps to take you to that next level.

I have good news for you: that easeful, profitable business that does truly good work, creates an epic customer experience and runs smoother than butter is not a pipedream… it’s your tomorrow. And I partner with business owners just like you to help you get there.

As a Director of Operations (DOO) my zone of genius is to be your strategic partner – to create a working environment where you can go back to doing the work that excites you as a leader in the marketplace, trusting that your team will be taken care of, your projects will be managed and completed on time, and your goals will be smashed time after time.

What working with a DOO will do for you:

  • Organise and manage the day-to-day operations of your business.
  • Set up and maintain processes that allow your business to grow and scale with ease.
  • Manage your current team, and hire the most aligned new team members as you grow.
  • Plan and manage your future seamless and successful launches.
  • Allow you to step up as a CEO with a strategic partner by your side.
  • Create more calm, clarity and control in your world!

Strategic Mapping™ Intensive



Manage Your Next Sold Out Launch



Design Your Dream Team



What my clients say about me

“I now have a clear plan of action for every aspect of both my business and personal development. She hit on areas that I hadn’t considered important or that I avoided because they are not my area of expertise. I can now see a clear plan for my business and can drill down to individual tasks that need to be actioned in each area. I can also now make decisions whether taking those actions is worth spending my time or if it would be best to outsource to an expert in that area. Carmel is an expert in her field that I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Anne-Marie Lynch

Blueway Business Solutions

The Strategic Mapping Session with Carmel was exactly what I needed for my business. The concise and detailed way that Carmel approaches the session is incredible. She made me realise that I was focusing on some of the wrong things, and helped me get a clear plan in place to help support the next stage of my business without making me feel overwhelmed. Her insight and knowledge is brilliant and I felt so invigorated and excited about my business as we finished the session. Carmel is the real deal, and I’m so thankful that I booked the session.

Laura Parker

Shoreway Business Support

Carmel’s strategic mapping session was a whole new experience – one that I didn’t quite expect. I never really made the time to think about what I’m trying to create with my business and why. I also never made the time to look at the “behind the scenes” milestones and objectives that will allow me to tick off my goals with ease. Working with Carmel allowed me to pause the hamster wheel of work mode and get really clear on what I truly want from my business and from my life. I can’t wait to see what this new level of focus and intention will do.

Daire Paddy

Brain & Biz Coach

I partner with online business owners to scale their companies, so that they can step into their CEO shoes, confident that someone has their (and their business’s) back.

Book a no-strings call, and we can talk about whether I’m the right DOO to make your business goals a reality.

5 steps to take before you hire!

Your business is growing quicker than you had anticipated. You are overworked, overwhelmed and just OVER having to juggle everything yourself.  You want to hire someone to save you but you just don’t know where to start, maybe you haven't had a great experience in the past with hiring and you are afraid to go down this road again. Building your dream team doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or scary in the least.

This free guide will help you lay the solid foundations to make your next hire a breeze. Jump on in & start prepping TODAY

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