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What my clients say about working with me

Carmel has a wealth of knowledge on how to run an online business. Having run an online agency I didn’t have a clue of what systems I needed and before working with Carmel my systems were very trial and error. Carmel is meticulous when it comes to systems, and has helped me scale my business in a way in a quick and stress-free manner. 

I am so grateful Carmel helped me streamline my business, she’s also a really lovely person to work with and genuinely wants to help you. 

Deborah O'Grady

The Brand Coach

The Strategic Mapping Session with Carmel was exactly what I needed for my business. The concise and detailed way that Carmel approaches the session is incredible. She made me realise that I was focusing on some of the wrong things, and helped me get a clear plan in place to help support the next stage of my business without making me feel overwhelmed. Her insight and knowledge is brilliant and I felt so invigorated and excited about my business as we finished the session. Carmel is the real deal, and I’m so thankful that I booked the session.

Laura Parker

Shoreway Business Support

Carmel has been an absolute rockstar for my business. When she first joined my team back in 2018 I didn’t even have an online calendar. I had no systems or processes in my business and everything was in my head. She came in like a systems fairy godmother and with her support, in just 2 years the business has grown exponentially from 6 figures to 7 figures in yearly revenue. I don’t want to let her go (EVERYONE needs a Carmel), but due to her doing such a great job the business now needs its own full time team. Carmel has been a key part of the integration and training process for my in house team that has grown from just me, to 5 people, and I will be forever grateful to her for her support and expertise.

Natasha Bray

Success Mastery Coach & Transformational Pioneer.

Carmel’s strategic mapping session was a whole new experience – one that I didn’t quite expect. I never really made the time to think about what I’m trying to create with my business and why. I also never made the time to look at the “behind the scenes” milestones and objectives that will allow me to tick off my goals with ease. Working with Carmel allowed me to pause the hamster wheel of work mode and get really clear on what I truly want from my business and from my life. I can’t wait to see what this new level of focus and intention will do.

Daire Paddy

Brain & Biz Coach

“I now have a clear plan of action for every aspect of both my business and personal development. She hit on areas that I hadn’t considered important or that I avoided because they are not my area of expertise. I can now see a clear plan for my business and can drill down to individual tasks that need to be actioned in each area. I can also now make decisions whether taking those actions is worth spending my time or if it would be best to outsource to an expert in that area. Carmel is an expert in her field that I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Anne-Marie Lynch

Blueway Business Solutions

“Over four years ago we approached Carmel to take over the administration and day-to-day management of the Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA) now Irish Professional Photographers & Videographers Association (IPPVA)

Carmel has worked almost forensically in the reconstructing of the Association by getting the administration into a very sound and sustainable order.

During this time she has worked in close cooperation with myself and two previous presidents of the IPPVA.

She has been the model of courtesy, cooperation and efficiency. Both of my predecessors, along with myself found their function greatly enhanced by the knowledgeable expertise of Carmel.

She has streamlined the processes and brought organisation to our systems. She has been instrumental in helping the Association revitalise itself and bringing renewed confidence in its future.

Recently we have with her help, totally reorganised the management and control of the Association. These changes have place her in a more pivotal Management role.

Our confidence in Carmel has been rewarded insomuch as she has met and exceeded the performance that we had anticipated when we entrusted our association into her management.

As outgoing president of the Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association, I am grateful for all her assistance, her friendly courtesy and advice.”


Past President of The Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association

Kind words about VA in a Month

Having worked in business for several decades, I had been thinking of using the skills I have developed to set up my own business, but had no idea how to go about it.  

On discovering the Carmel,  I attended a seminar and realised it was a ‘no-brainer’ for me to sign up – this course ticked all the boxes I needed to launch a ‘ready to go’ business. Carmel’s experience is a huge bonus and proving invaluable. I highly recommend her VA programme, if you value your years of experience and want to get them working for you.”

Anne-Marie Lynch

Blueway Business Solutions

“If you are looking for the perfect course to teach you how to set up your VA business or if you have started but would like to bring more structure and knowledge to your business then you need look no further. Carmel is second to none with her knowledge, expertise and guidance through out the course and beyond. Every thing you might want to ask, Carmel has already thought about and put right here for you to get your answers. If you have any further questions Carmel always has the answer for you. Carmel coaches you in her warm and gentle manner making you feel like you have got this, instilling confidence in you and empowering you along every step. Don’t sit on the fence, jump in and start your journey right now, it will be the best decision you will make for yourself and you future.”

Carmel’s course, VA in a Month is invaluable if you are starting out offering your expertise as a VA. Her knowledge, experience and advice, and that of her experts, is a must. There is so much content walking you through all aspects of starting a VA business from working out your fees, to branding to the legal documents required. You will do yourself a disservice if you don’t sign up for Carmel’s course.

Lisa Monaghan

Your PA

Carmel is 100% involved in the training process and her VA programme is a life-changer.

The training process provides step by step help and guidance throughout.

I feel so excited and enthusiastic to get started on the next phase of my life as a Virtual Assistant – the freedom and opportunities this course offers are second to none and it really is a ‘no-brainer’ for anyone thinking about enrolling in it.”

Eileen Ireland

Carmel is one of the best OBM/VA I have ever come across. She has worked with the best in the coaching business mentor space to grow their business. She is someone that others say I need a “Carmel David” like its a job role.

She is now teaching all she knows to help VAs build a VA business for themselves and benefit from her experience.

John Cusick

Online Business Mentor

Carmel has put together an excellent course for anyone wishing to set up a business working as a Virtual Assistant. This programme gave me the solid foundation I need to set up my VA business with confidence. I have the skills and knowledge to offer services to clients but did not know what processes or procedures I needed to implement for the Virtual World. Carmel broke this information down into weekly modules, which were practical and easy to follow. She has included everything, I mean everything I needed to know and more. Above all Carmel is an inspiration, she is passionate about serving people and genuinely wants you to succeed.

Ailish Harney

Virtual Support Specialist

I’ve run teams for years, working with many different support roles, and Carmel is one of the best. Her skills are phenomenal, but more than that her values shine out – and it’s these that entrepreneurs like me need. Loyalty, integrity and dedication – all of which she will help you to create for yourself.

If I need to hire a VA in the future, I will want to hire a Carmel David trained VA. So if you want to learn from the best, take this program. You won’t regret it.”

Gemma Went

Online Business Mentor

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